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Verse 1

Em7       Gadd5                        Dsus4                   A7sus4

Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you

Em7         Gadd5                Dsus4               A7sus4

By now you should've somehow Realised what you gotta do

Em7                Gadd5     Dsus4         A7sus4       Cadd9 Dsus4 Esus(2)

I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now

Verse 2

Backbeat the word was on the street That the fire in your heart is out

I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt

Em7                 Gadd5  Dsus4           A7sus4    Em7 Gadd5 Dsus4 A7sus4   

I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now

   Cadd9            Dsus4                     Em7 Em7

And all the roads we have to walk along are winding

    Cadd9               Dsus4               Em7      Em7

And all the lights that lead us there are blinding

Cadd9          Dsus4               Gadd5  G/F#   Em7               A7sus4(x4) 

There are many things that I would Like to say to you I don't know how


            Cadd9 Em7 Gadd5 Em7                    Cadd9 Em7 Gadd5 Em7            

 .......Because maybe   You're gonna be the one who saves me ?

      Cadd9 Em7 Gadd5 Em7     Cadd9 Em7 Gadd5 Em7                                                            

 And after all         You're my wonderwall

Verse 3

Today was gonna be the day?  But they'll never throw it back to you

By now you should've somehow  Realized what you're not to do

I don't believe that anybody  Feels the way I do About you now

And all the roads that lead to you were winding  etc etc   (to chorus)