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Basic Solo Techniques; The Pentatonic Minor Scale

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Guitar soloing is a very individual "thing"

There are several ways to approach it.

In trying to convey this, I have used several different approaches over the years, depending on the student.

I have found that taking apart some "Classic" solos and sharing them with you is a good way to build up a repertoire of tricks that you can then use in your own playing.

This is both fun and informative.

Another way is to learn lots of scales and modes and try to stick them together.

The vast majority of my students have not found this much fun or very rewarding !

If you have a particular style/song or challenge you would like specific help with,

go to the Lesson Information Request

 This intro uses some basic techniques/tricks/licks/riffs

based around a simple Pentatonic Minor Scale,

in a Blues/Rock/Hendrix sort of way!

These are all in the key of A(minor)

but if you learn the shape you can play them anywhere,

it's only in A because I started on the A (bass string 5th fret)

Do these in Bb (B flat!) by starting the "pattern" in the 6th fret and you could use these tricks to play along with "Red House" Jimi Hendrix

Familiarise yourself with the shape as you will be using it for the rest of your life!!!

The Pentatonic Minor is probably the most important/useful scale you will ever learn!

Here is the Pentatonic Am Scale played across the neck.

and watch this short video

If you simply have to know!

The notes are A C D E G !

Get happy with the fingering options,

play it in allsorts of different positions up/down the neck,

it will be "Something" pentatonic minor although only Am starting in the 5th or 17th frets.

With this as your base there are several techniques one can use to play these notes

try these

Slide hammer on/pull off/trill bend