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Basic Guitar soloing information and techniques to get you started

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Have a Listen  to some of these basic Soloing Techniques

 using the MP3 files below.

I am continually updating but

Some of these files, although now in MP3 format,

have been converted from the older ones

 which were  in Real Audio format,

 so some of them sound better than others

but you will get the idea.


Pentatonic Am Scale (some of us play nothing else!)

Hammer On   Pull Off  Trill  Slide Up  Slide Down  String Bending  Am lick 1   Am lick 2

( A lick is a short phrase, in this case in the key of A minor)

These are newer files that you might find useful

Basic Pentatonic Minor ideas

Blues Scale/Aeolian Mode ideas

Backing track

Try this new Hotdog Video

A good example of what we call a "12 Bar Blues" is  "Hideaway"

 (originally Freddie King, then Eric Clapton & Jeff Healey amongst others)

Learn this and you will certainly get a good grasp of the standard soloing techniques

I have done several different teaching MP3s for this so there is some duplication!

Hideaway 1   Hideaway 2  Hideaway 3   Hideaway 4   

Hideaway Backing track