Personal Guitar Tuition (PGT)

Update Sept 9th 2014


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New PGT Plan £20 for 4 lessons!

Would you like your own personal guitar tutor available through your PC to teach you songs?

You may have been sent here by me,

or you may have arrived here because you clicked on a link

looking for another MP3 or Hotdog Video file.

Further MP3s and Video files are only available to "PGT Students"

The PGT info is below

but make sure you have done a "free lesson" first

 Click here for a Free Guitar lesson

Are you looking for some further tuition?

Over the last 15 years I have been teaching hundreds of students all over the world.

This has been on a casual basis, in between teaching my personal students

 at the Group Therapy Studio.

However through your email and  lesson requests,

I have had a lot of positive feedback as lots of you have found this helpful.

So I have revised my teaching schedule to allow me more time to devote to my internet students

 who are looking for some regular or even irregular tuition.

Personal Guitar Tuition (PGT)

I have set up a service that will  send you (4) lessons

 on an ongoing basis containing a new song(s) from your list

in either MP3(usually) or (sometimes)a Windows media format as a "Video"

This will be the equivalent of what I would do in the studio for an hour's tuition.

 It may be 1 song or 2/3 depending on the time/effort needed.

 I will be recording myself playing and talking you through the song that you want to do,

 as well as supplying all the chord sheets etc.

More "PGT" info

If you think this new service would suit you see here for ways to pay