Personal Guitar Tuition (PGT)

Update Sept 9th 2014


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"PGT" is for those people who want to learn some SONGS!

(**New PGT Plan available only £20 for 4 lessons**)

I have been teaching professionally in Guernsey Channel Islands  for  32 years  and have developed a system that has been very successful and  have taught thousands of people to play to whatever level they aspire.

It is a very simple system that involves me telling you how to play the songs you want to play right from the word go!

The only way to get better is to actually play the the Guitar!

That sounds a bit obvious  but there are tutors that would have you study books/scales/modes/read music etc before you even get to play anything!

While all that stuff may at some time in the future  become important to a few students, the vast majority want to bash out a few chords and play a few songs,  the sooner the better!

So we start with A Big LIST of Songs from you, that you would like to play,

I work out the easiest way to play them for you

and E mail you back an MP3 and or a Windows Media Video

 of me playing and telling you how to do it,

as well as, the song written out with the appropriate chords

and a Chordsheet showing you where to put your fingers.

If you can already play but would like to improve, 

I can also show you how I would play them,

or even how they were played originally!

All you need to know is your alphabet from A-G and numbers from 1-6 and a guitar!

What sort of Guitar?

The Electric Guitar is the easiest to learn for lots of reasons

 and to start off get a "Strat" copy (copy of a "Fender Stratocaster")

as they are excellent value for money( less than £100/$150upwards)

If you are in Europe I can even tell you exactly what and where to buy

 something to fit  your budget (Email me)

Lots of people prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar

 and if that is the sort of music you want to play that's fine too

The Nylon string classical guitar

  is by far the hardest to play for most people

 due to the size of the neck/strings

but if that's all you've got to start with then lets get on with it,

I started off on a classical guitar!! (only for 2 weeks though before I changed it!)

I start children off on electric guitars from 5 years old

With the Personal Guitar Tutor (PGT) you can Email any challenges you have

and I can get back to you as soon as I can.

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If you think this new service would suit you

go here for pricing info and ways to pay