Please send me my free Guitar Lesson

Update Sept 9th 2014


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Fill in the info below and I will send you a free lesson

The info required is very basic but it helps me to

build up a mental picture so that I can send you the right songs!

Due to some people making multiple requests from made up emails I now delete most of the requests I get that I don't like the look of.

If you provide the information that I request below I am happy to send you some songs

just don't waste my time :-)

If you haven't had a reply to a past request please try again with the required information

Please fill in the information below and copy and paste it into this email

Your Email address.......................

Age (approximate!)10-15/15-20/20-30/40-50/50-60/Older!

Are you Male or Female?

What songs would you would like to play(make a big list)
Go to the
"songs" page for inspiration

Do you want to play Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar or Both?  

Any other information that could be useful,

Can you play already? What do you know already? Are you a total beginner?

The more info i have the easier it is for me to send you something suitable 


Thanks for sending in the Info

I will get something back to you as soon as I can.