How does it work?

Playing the guitar is not "Rocket Science" although some people would have you believe that!

You put your left hand on the strings and you hit it with the other on below...

Update Sept 9th 2014

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How does it work?

You can go through all the free stuff on the site or

1) Make a list of songs you would like to play.

These are the songs that are going to motivate you to get on with it,

so don't bother with Michael row the boat ashore!

2) Fill in the Free Lesson Request Form

the more info you give me about yourself the better picture I can build up to tailor the lessons to you!

3) E Mail it to me! 

What happens then?

1) I mail you some basic info which you may or may not know (Strumming/Tuning/Chords) etc

2) I set up a song(s) from your list for you to play,

written out in full with all the relevant chords  including links to chordsheets

and MP3 files and sometimes even Videos of me playing the song for you to listen to.

3) I mail the URL to you!

4) You give it a go!

5) You mail back any challenges you have.

6) I tell/show/record how to get over them or we do another song!

That's all there is too it!

Then, after you have had your free lesson and, hopefully it has worked well for you,

 you try again because you are only human after all!

 If you are polite and I like you and the songs that you request then sometimes I send you another free lesson!

After that you will need to make a donation 

 I like teaching people to play Guitar!

It's what I have done for the last xxxx years professionally!


I had always wanted to have access, at the touch of a button.

 to the 1000's of songs that I have written out,


So January '98 I leased an old German Bunker and I bought myself a computer, printer and scanner and internet connection and stuffed all the songs into the computer.


Now "at the touch of a button" I can pass out a copy of a previously worked out song to my students who come to my studio for lessons.


I then looked at what was available on the net,

 and found a lot of guitar tuition sites.


Most have, great graphics, lovely guitar pictures,

tremendous amounts of information, and lots of bells and whistles,

but they all make it sound and look difficult!


Playing the guitar is easy.


What I am doing with this site is making available the same tuition

that you would get if you turned up at the Bunker in Guernsey. 


Fast Track! Click here for a  Free Guitar lesson to get you started,