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Not really a "guestbook" as such but A selection of Emails that I have had back from people who have found this site helpful!

Thanks a lot to you all,

I am pleased to hear that it is helping  you to improve your playing.

Did you ever get to one of these type of pages and think...

 "yeah right" they've made that up! Well me too!

But these are all genuine,

all I have done is pasted them in from emails

 and deleted surnames/address to protect their privacy.

Email me your own thoughts if you have found the site helpful


 People have been asking to Donate which is nice, so I have set up a Donate Button through Paypal If you want to, you can donate any amount, Thank you it does help to off-set my hosting costs.

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Nov. 2013

From: Emma
Sent: 2
Subject: RE: Emma E4: Free guitar lesson


Hi Mark
I don't think I ever emailed you back to thank you for this.
I'm finding it very helpful.
Thanks ever so much


sept 2013

From: Ron
Sent: 22 September 2013 10:53
To: guitarlessons
Subject: Re: Ron S5 dead link on the strumming pagereply

 Hi Mark

Firstly  :- major thanks for your reply, have done a refresh and update of my quicktime player and all is now working perfectly.

Now let me congratulate you on an A1, 100% second to none guitar site - - as a learning guitarist I've been to a few and without any BullS "yours is the tops"

Thanks again.



From: Binay
Sent: 06 February 2013 06:19
To: mark
Subject: Re: Binay M5 : Lesson Info 2011

 Wow!  Thank you so much Mark!  I am so grateful that you took time to reply to my request - I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for all the information and links to tabs and strumming techniques.  This is definitely the best learning material I have come across to date.  It blows my mind that you would actually respond to people's requests like you do - it is such a selfless act and it speaks volumes of your love for guitar and teaching guitar.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards,



-----Original Message-----
From: Simone 
Sent: 29 January 2013 13:54
To: mark
Subject: Guestbook


Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for the video with the strumming pattern for Wonderwall!

That was exactly what I needed.

All the best from Germany,



From: Michelle
Sent: 21 December 2012 00:05
To: mark
Subject: Lesson infor2012

Hi my name is Michelle and i live in out back Australia , I have lernt more off your web site in a week then in 6months of lesson once a week ! I am a beginner but can play and move between  about 8 cords well , but have had no idea what to stum or how to stum or finger pick.( intill i found your site ! ) You had me playing sweetchild in 5min and everyrose in 2min love the new cadd9 and gadd5 cords !!!!
thank you heaps look forward to hearing from you Michelle


From: Joseph
Sent: 26 July 2012 15:04
To: guitarlessons
Subject: you still there


Hi, I think your learning site is the best on the internet! Most people can learn cords/strings from book however when it comes to strumming styles, there is very little available except for your site…Good Job. But hey, where are you? There are thousands of people wanting to learn what you offer. I have learned more from your site in 2 days then I have from my guitar course (Gibsons) in the past month. I do not want to be a scholar in music, I picked up the guitar 4 months ago(67 yrs old), want to play to my wife, inspire my grandson to play, and sit around the campfire and enjoy what time I have left (cancer)

Enuf about me, I would like to send a donation to you for what you have done to date to help a whole lot of people stay interested in Guitar…………So, if you are still around and this site is active, please acknowledge.

Thank you for your time and efforts,

Best regards, 



From: Bob (pgt student)
Sent: 14 November 2011 00:22
To: mark
Subject: Re: Bob Sm: Pgt #10/12reply

Hi Mark -

I am ready for #11 -

Reviewed your  list - lots of stuff but I made a short list for you to match up with me.

Got to tell you again - the value and enjoyment of your lessons -

You are a Wizard in the way you teach -

Hope all is well



From: Ron
Sent: 03 November 2011 19:21
To: mar
Subject: Re: Ron Sh4: Lesson info 2011

Thanks a million, our Budweiser commercials back in the 90's used to say, I LOVE YOU, MAN!!! :)


From: smilla
Sent: 20 October 2011 08:11
To: guitarlessons
Subject: thanks

I love your web page.  Thanks very much for your smarts, talent, and generosity.



From: Amandasa
Sent: 19 October 2011 12:12
To: mark
Subject: Guestbook

 your site was really useful! i think it was the most helpful among all the sites i browsed through! thanks for making the effort to help us beginners!!! cheers! and take care!


From: Patrick
Sent: 25 September 2011 16:28
To: guitarlessons
Subject: Re: Patrick H5: Request for free lessonreply


 Thanks for this, the lessons are great, particularly Half a World Away, so good in fact I felt compelled to make a small donation,

 Keep up the good work.




From: Marie
Sent: 16 August 2011 07:29
Subject: Re: Marie CD: strumming pattern

Thank you very much sir,for your prompt reply. I'm so glad I was at the right timing when I emailed you,

I can't wait to learn to play it. I really appreciate your help.
Thanks again and more power!




From: Grant
Sent: 30 March 2011 14:56
To: mark
Subject: Re: Grant: Free Lesson Request -


Hi its me Grant again i'm from south africa just like to thank you for

you're your help.I've basically learned to play guitar from

downloading your mp3 lessons its really great,thumbs up for you.



From: pravin
Sent: 27 March 2011 17:11
To: mark
Subject: Re: prajivm: Free Lesson Request

Thank you for your reply sir, 

                  as I was mentioned in my email I can't play song in it's original scale now I am able to do that jamming with original song

                  yes work to do with effective rythm in time........

As I am Indian I don't listen to the English song as I hardly understand the meaning and feel of the song and also do not have anybody that teach me guitar where I live in very village area and don't have any source to learn about music 

so, all your web sites for guitar really help me   


           thank you sir for replying me all your stuff in your website is much much helpful.......

god bless you  



From: Joe
Sent: 23 March 2011 12:25
To: mark
Subject: RE: Joe M5:

Mr. Guillou,

 Thanks for the information. I look forward to working through what you have sent me. I have not yet had the opportunity to look at all the info on your web pages, but I did find what I was looking for. I googled strumming hang matchbox 20 and was directed to your site. The mp3 on your strumming page and the abbreviated description of the pattern was enough to get me playing. I really appreciate that little golden nugget of information I found on your page. I had pretty much mastered the chord changes and could play the song in my own way, but it sounds so much better after your help. I expect I will be equally impressed with the links you have provided.

Thanks Again,



From: Vichithra
Sent: 22 March 2011 15:13
To: mark
Subject: Re: Vichy : Please send me my free guitar lesson

 Hi Mark,

 Thank you for the details and appreciate highly on the contribution and efforts that you have taken to put make the site.

Im sure that I will get lot of information and it would be helpful to enhance the skills.

Keep up the good work.

God bless you!



From: Guy
Sent: 22 March 2011 14:16
To: mark
Subject: RE: Guy M5: Free Lesson Request -

 Hi Mark,

 It looks like you have given me a lot to start with your advice and instructions I am sure will help me quite a bit. I will try to give you feedback as I go along and if you don�t mind I am sure I will have questions if you can help me that would be great. I also will be donating to help the cause!

 Thanks again!



From: Frank
Sent: 28 January 2011 21:03
To: mark
Subject: Re: Frank F6: Free Lesson Request reply

 Thanks Mark ... the new link worked.  Excellent lesson on Baker Street, and very much appreciated!




From: Paul (2nd time PGT student)
Sent: 09 February 2011 16:30

To: mark
Subject: Re: Paul U PGT2#11/12

Hi Mark,

 Please could you send me my last set of songs. I hope you are well as usual and I�d just like to say it�s been great the stuff you�ve sent me. I�ve really enjoyed learning and playing the guitar. I will be back for more lessons but I�m just going to have to wait until I get a permanent job.

Take care and I hope to speak to you again for more lessons, sooner rather than later.




From: Tyson
Sent: 18 December 2010 16:23
To: mark
Subject: RE: Tyson: Free Lesson Request -

Hello Mark
Thankyou for the lesson plans, I'll be tinkering with these over the christmas holidays.
This is by far the best online lesson platform i have founf.
thanks again Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, as the case may be.



From: Donald
Sent: 07 December 2010 09:49
To: mark
Subject: Re received with thanks

 Hi Mark.

 Thankyou for your your prompt reply.

I tried out Wonderwall and was delighted to find the cords and strumming pattern quickly with your easy to follow tuition. 
Looking forward to trying out the other songs.

Many thanks Don.



From: mazhar
Sent: 07 December 2010 06:25
To: mark
Subject: RE: Mazhar R Free Lesson Request -

Hi sir
thanx 4 ur mail and u dont need 2 apology caz u r my teacher
and i know its not easy 2 spare time 4 a bizy person like u.
i really apriciate ur work 4 the beginners like me..
thanks again
best regards


From: engman
Sent: 27 November 2010 04:04
To: mark
Subject: RE: Simon E5 Free Lesson Request -

Hello Mark

Just to let you know I got your email and all the links work. You are a brilliant teacher you are helpful and make playing the guitar easier and explain you explain the strumming so good. I will donate money. I am looking forward to learning the rest of my songs on my list.

Thank you again




From: Garrett
Sent: 20 November 2010 00:30
To: mark
Subject: Re: Garrett C: Free Lesson Request -

Wow that helped a whole lot! Thanks very much!



From: Cheryl
Sent: 19 November 2010 15:08
To: mark
Subject: RE: Cheryl K: Free Lesson Request -

Hi Mark,
Haha yes I'm one of those crazy dutch people! Not too crazy though, don't be afraid!
Thank you for the lessons, they really helped me. I can now play boulevard of broken dreams (indeed very similar to wonderwall) and I can play karma police already. Now I'm busy with sweet child of mine. I also found the song a horse with no name on your website and I can play that as well now. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!


From: Swaroop
Sent: 19 November 2010 07:01
To: mark
Subject: Please send me my free guitar lesson

hey...this is a great work that you are doing...keep the music alive:)



From: tom
Sent: 14 November 2010 22:05
To: mark
Subject: Guestbook


Soo much for your web site. I am very grateful for the great strumming lessons without all the commercialized Bull !

You speak clearly and you have a great teaching voice. The video's with your guidance is terrific!

You have given me what I needed very badly to bring me up to a great starting level.

These lessons have helped my playing immensely.

 Tom Massachusetts USA


Copied from a Paypal Donation! 

Hi Mark - You sent me a free guitar strumming guide for "Hide your love away", and along with other stuff I've got from the site, I think this is worth �20 of anyone's money, as it's better than most guitar books I could buy! I'd like to get a strumming guide for Paul Simon's brilliant "The Only Living Boy in New York". How can I go about requesting this from you? I really enjoy playing guitar usin your strumming guides, it's taught me a lot about rhythm. If you can give more formal lessons on rhythm playing in general, that would be great too. Thanks again, the site is great! Keep up the good work!! Best wishes Dave


From: bjorn
Sent: 05 November 2010 22:36
To: mark
Subject: Free Lesson Request




And I also have to thank you for inspiring me to play guitar. You explain in a really easy way and you make the hard things easy. Without your "help" i woulden't been playing guitar, so thanks a lot :)




From: Jo
Sent: 02 November 2010 02:10
To: mark
Subject: Re: Jo R5 Free Lesson Request -

Thank you so much, have a lot to learn here, but strumming is getting a bit better!!! 

 You truely are a blessing to others and may God bless you abundantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: Neil   (PGT Student)
Sent: 06 October 2010 04:21
To: mark
Subject: Re: Neil  PGT#2/12

Mark .............Also i would like to give you a reference,i do think you have a knack for teaching,clear and precise,also a sense of humour,i believe you need this to help people.I have tried other sites (i will not name them,it would serve no purpose)they are only after cash & some are pure extortion.-------------I have noticed the donation button,i think it is a good addition,i will use it @ a future time,this i promise.all the best Neil.-------



From: rainer
Sent: 04 October 2010 12:13
To: mark
Subject: great




your site was -  the site  I'm looking for.

Your strumming part is exactly what I need to help my practice.

As I said, great.


Rainer - Hamburg -


From: Norman
Sent: 23 August 2010 13:59
To: mark
Subject: Re: Norman T: Free Lesson Request -


Mr. Guillou, First of all, let me say, "Thank you" for being the kind person you are. It makes me feel good to know there are people like you in this world.

I am 70 years old now and finally I can take the time to do the things I want to do. One of which is to learn how to play a guitar well enough to sit and strum while I sing an old American Standard to my lady on the back porch.

You have given me enough information to keep me busy for at least a month while I learn to switch between your 3 beginner chords and get the notes to ring out clearly.

I have downloaded all of the wonderful stuff you just sent and intend to read, listen and practice all of it. Once I have gone through all of this stuff (and gleaned as much information as I can) I shall be asking to hire you to teach me the rest of the lessons I need to learn to accomplish my goal.

Thank you very much



From: kenneth p
Sent: 19 August 2010 07:36
To: mark

Hi Mark

              Just a quik note to say thanks your lessons have realy helped me to get to grips with strumming the guitar many thanks .Malc



From: Bill
Sent: 15 July 2010 20:30
To: mark
Subject: Bill h4 free lesson request

  Hi Mark:

             I hope you get my e-mail there's no beating around the bush your the greatest, you been the best help to me for strumming and switching chords. How you explain your material to me was just outstanding, thanks ever so much!

   Sincerely, Bill



From: jane & lloyd
Sent: 12 July 2010 06:34
To: mark
Subject: Re: Lloyd5; Free Lesson Request -

Thaks for Twist & Shout.Your lessons are terrific,just what I have been looking for.




From: John V.
Sent: 07 July 2010 01:31
To: mark
Subject: guestbook

 hello Mke,

 I came across your site while trying to find some strumming patterns for guitar. Specifically, i wanted to find the strumming patterns for songs that I really like such as breakfast at tiffany's, teardrops on my guitar and the like. So I really found your extensive guitar strumiing patterns for requested songs very helpful.THANKS! - John, from Toronto.


From: bobs (PGT Student)
Sent: 07 July 2010 23:19
To: mark@
Subject: Re: Bob Sm: Pgt #5/12reply

 Hi Mark -

I am ready for #6 -

#5  just might be my favorite trilogy

Beatles songs are always great -

As a Moody Blues fan - - I got that sounding pretty good -

And how you configured Hurt was special - some haunting sounds - I really enjoyed the way it came together. Hope all is well -

I guess Sunday I'll watch a little Spain and Netherlands footie.  those horns got on my nerves but the World Cup is special.

 Thanks Again Bob


From: Marjan (PGT Student)
Sent: 07 July 2010 17:12
To: mark
Subject: Re: Marjan P: PGT #11/12

Dear Mark,

I am ready for the last part  : )

I really improved my technic dramatically! Thank you!.
Do you have any idea how we continue our cooperation in the future?
I am really appreciated this.





From: Clarkey
Sent: 07 June 2010 11:13
To: mark
Subject: Free Lesson Request -


I am a total beginner. I have learned the cadd9 gadd5 d and a cords. not very good at getting them together yet but its only been a week. Learning the guitar is a lifelong ambition. Thanks for youe website its been a huge help already.



-----Original Message-----
From: Guru
Sent: 05 May 2010 08:37
To: mark
Subject: Re: Guru: Free Lesson Request -reply2


Hello Mike,


These songs were really helpful. Thanks a lot!!! I have already made

amazing progress on the songs, A horse with no name and wonderwall.


I have suggested your website to many of my friends. They

will contact you soon.


Amazing job mate. Thanks again. Talk to you soon.






-----Original Message-----
From: Christian
Sent: 30 April 2010 17:50
To: mark
Subject: Guestbook


Hi Mark,


just discovered your page today. It's GREAT and very very helpful to

enhance my strumming. You explain well, I'm really delighted.

Thank you very much for your work!

Kind regards from Alsace, the land where the Riesling flows.




From: yenlin
Sent: 27 April 2010 12:16
To: mark
Subject: Re: Yen Lin: Free Lesson Request -

Hi Mark,

Your page and info on strumming have been great.

Thanks. Wish you all the best in your guitar teaching!

 Yen Lin


From: Flavio

Sent: 07 February 2010 14:31

To: mark

Subject: Res: Flavio: Free Lesson Request -


                   Great Mark, thanks  for your attention . your work is really great,a few people have the ability to teach in an easy way like you do. I think it shows everyone that you love what you do. Congratulations, and once again, thank you very much.

                    Regards,  Flavio




From: arron
Sent: 07 February 2010 14:23
To: mark
Subject: RE: Arron McC: Free Lesson Request -

 thanks very much for the last lessons you sent me {SONNET & LET YOUR LOVE FLOW} and i would like to thank you for the other stuff on your web site my playing has come on so so much with your help ..cheers



From: mathew
Sent: 05 January 2010 07:42
To: mark
Subject: Re: Oluwaseun: Free Lesson Request

 Hi Mark

My thanks to you for your mail. How can I ever repay you for this? You are a good man. I listen to your strumming and other stuff always and they have really been helpful.

Once again thank you.


From:  Ian
Sent: 03 December 2009 15:21
To: mark
Subject: Strumming pattern for MOTHER

 Great web site.

Thank you.

It is by far the best site for learning strumming patterns.

I have been trying to learn or should I say feel the strumming patterns for MOTHER by Pink Floyd but am having some difficulty

Any suggestions?




From: fredy
Sent: 01 December 2009 22:55
To: mark
Subject: Re: Fred V: Free Lesson Request

Hi, Mark:

Fred here. Received your mail and it brought me  a lot of fresh air. I�ve been trying to play the guitar for a  while and it has been for me  more difficult than I expected...until I find your site. And I said to myself: send him a mail, maybe he�s  the teacher I need. And I do. the rest is history. From now on, your word will be sacred to me,  and I�ll follow your advices step by step. Thanks again, Mark. Kind regards and God bless you.


From: Tal (PGT student)
Sent: 10 November 2009 10:19
To: mark
Subject: Re: Tal : PGT 12/12 last lesson

 Thanks Mark

you've been a great help and I enjoyed every lesson.

it will probably take me a few weeks, but I am going to continue these sessions with you.



From: J R
Sent: 07 October 2009 07:54
To: guitarlessons
Subject: Great stuff Dude!!!

Hi Mark...Big Thanks For sharing all of those Lessons and Recording, Its awesome!!!
I Found your site on a flock...Was a good one i can say.
I learned a lot more here in the last couple weeks than the entire last year...
Thanks Again.


From: Tarun
Sent: 11 July 2009 00:32
To: mark
Subject: Hey !

Hey Mark !!!

Your site is so helpful that I felt like writing a small thank you!!!

I'm rhythmically handicapped, and your website is one of the best crutches available on the internet. That's why I have your site bookmarked, and that's why you have a regular visitor in me.





From: Rick
Sent: 08 June 2009 03:29
To: mark
Subject: Lesson site

Hi Mark. I stumbled on your site this evening and had to tell you how helpful it has been. I recently started to learn how to play acoustic and I'm interested mainly in finger style guitar. I bought my guitar two months ago and I'm learning scales and chords and I've been following youtube instructional videos for different styles of playing. It is very difficult to find those that are really helpful and easy to follow and understand. I must say your videos and style of teaching is the best I've seen and by far the most helpful to me. From the filming  and sound, to the tone of your voice, you make it all make sense. I hope to see more from you. As you indicated, you tend to lean toward the electric guitar and the songs you have request for do not interest me that much, but if you could teach me to play Jackson Browns ,These Days ,finger style, I'd pay you. At any rate, the basics you have shown on this site are very helpful and keeps me motivated to lerarn. I'm an old dog at 59 so learning comes alittle slower and I feel I'm running out of time. I don't expect you can teach me as your style is not of my interest. I only wanted to tell you how much your lesson site helped me. Richard



From: Anniina
Sent: 15 May 2009 18:21
To: mark
Subject: RE: Anniina: Free Lesson Request -

I just wanted to thank you. I've learned A LOT during this month and it's mainly because of you. I downloaded all of your acoustic guitar tutorials and put them on my iPod. I try to practice whenever I have time and I always start playing by listening your different strumming patterns.
I tried to play American Pie for the first time today and I actually can play most parts of it (just not that fast). But it made my day.
So thanks a lot :)
- Anniina



From: Derek (2nd time PGT Student)
Sent: 01 April 2009 12:34
To: mark
Subject: RE: Derek W ;PGT2#6/12reply

 Hello Mark,

Ready for next lesson when you have chance please.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning the guitar, and find I enjoy all styles, also I have been revisiting some songs I previously struggled with and now find I can  play them, which is exactly what you have told me.

Thanks again



From: Paul
Sent: 20 March 2009 11:50
To: mark
Subject: Re: Paul W Free Lesson Request -

Hi Mark

This is just brilliant. I didnt think anyone would reply as most of the updates and commenst were dated 2008.

Thank you ever so much for these, and i promise to keep them to myself.

Once again thank you.




-----Original Message-----
From: Jamie
Sent: 03 March 2009 13:33
To: mark
Subject: thanks for this site I have found it very helpful.




thanks for this site I have found it very helpful.


Best Jamie


From: Michele
Sent: 04 March 2009 03:48
To: mark
Subject: Strumming Site

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful strumming site. I used to play guitar when I was young but then stopped for 20 years and have recently gone back to it. Your site has been great in teaching me to strum again. You have such a great variety of songs on there, too!

Thanks for helping me learn to play guitar again.



From: Joseph
Sent: 03 February 2009 03:43
To: mark
Subject: Thank You!

Greetings Mark:

I came across your site looking for help with the strum patter for Green Days Time of Your Life song and found a wealth of information on your site.  I have been playing for some time and mainly working with just chords but never was strong in my strum pattern.  I decided to use Green Days songs as it is straight forward and easy picking and of course I enjoy the song.  Your site was of great help and had to email you to say Thank You!

 If you ever need a favor with the site let me know.  It is what I know.

 Thanks Again.




From: susan
Sent: 27 January 2009 14:30
To: mark
Subject: website

Thank you so much for this website!! (sorry for my english, i'm not a native english speaker) But this website has been more a help for me than all the other websites I've ever visited!!! Go on with your website!!
The biggest problem ever for me is the strumming, the chords are fine, but the strumming is difficult. It is great to see that there's finally a website what doesn't say; just listen to the songs. Thank you so much!!!!
With kind regards,
Susan from holland


From: James
Sent: 18 January 2009 19:28
To: mark
Subject: Thank you..

Your site is possibly the best site that i have stumbled across.
By this i mean, by a mile.
I'm fairly new to guitar playing, self teaching from the net as lessons from teachers are expensive and i simply can't afford them hence the self teaching part.
I have learnt more from your site in the past half hour than any other site.
Its in the easiest possible format so no mumbo jumbo to confuse the beginner ( That's me ) just easy to listen to simple easy strumming patterns which is what i have been after for the past month so as to put something together that sounds good.
I have a good concept of the chords that are needed but without a pattern to put them together then they are useless.
I find i can listen to, then strum with little effort your mp3 format patterns.
Its actually starting to click now and sound like i'm playing the guitar.
Hello, I'm James Anderson an once again would like to say a massive thank you for helping me to progress in my guitar playing.
I've heard several people say to carry on strumming and the rest will follow with the chord changes and after trying your patterns it works.!!!!!
Once again thank you thank you thank you.
With the very kindest regards, James.


-----Original Message-----
From: simon
Sent: 07 January 2009 23:42
To: mark
Subject: Free Lesson Request - auto generated by mail_sender




I have had my Tanglewood acoustic for about four days now and have never played, or tried to play, the guitar before: in that time I have learnt most of the chords here on your site by heart, I practice about 3 hour a day and I am hungry to learn.  I found your site by accident and could not believe it when i followed your system and found myself playing my first song after about 5 minutes, you are a legend.  I am now a self confessed "plonker", never thought I would ever admit that to anyone but, there you go!  I hope I haven't added too many songs but you did say to make a big list.


Kind regards






From: Tanya

Sent: 05 December 2008 20:52

To: mark

Subject: Re: Tanya S Free Lesson Request -


Dear Mark

You're clearly someone who really cares about what they do and have a real knack and flair for teaching!  I really appreciate you sharing your wonderful talent with me and I feel lucky to have come across your website.


Thanks for inspiring me so much with the guitar and for going the extra mile in helping people grow and develop their skills in this enjoyable and exciting field.


Warmest regards




From: Jean C
Sent: 28 November 2008 08:46
To: mark
Subject: Re: Jean L: Free Lesson Request

Dear Mark,

 I couldn't thank you enough for your reply on the free lesson request.

I've been practicing the D/Gadd5/Cadd9 to smoothly shift into each chord. And what better way to practice it with the song 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' . You have also explained clearly on how to play the wonderwall in vid.

Of course, your website was already been bookmarked so I can always go back. The lessons are all awesome!

 Thank you very much and bless you for the knowledge sharing.

 All the Best,



-----Original Message-----
From: trevor
Sent: 09 October 2008 23:03
To: mark
Subject: Free Lesson Request


Hi, I love your website!  I have been playing for about 8 months and I credit all my progress to your website.  I can play Wonderwall, American Pie, and Wonderful Tonight from your demos.  Your demos are the easiest way for me to learn a song.  I can play a lot of other songs using some of the basic chords mostly G,D,A,E,F,C,Dm,Em,Am,Bm,Gadd5,Dsus4,A7sus4,Cadd9,and Em7.  If I sent in too many songs please just send me the ones you have time for.  I'm in no rush.  Thank you for your website and free guitar lesson.  I wish everyone would make learning the guitar as easy and fun as you have made it!  Thanks again. Trevor



From: Mahesh
09 October 2008 14:14
To: mark
Subject: your site is marvellous


i am trying to learn the guitar. while i was searching how to strum every rose by poison, i found your site. i was amazed by the contents i found there. thank you so much you have done a wonderful job. even though your site doesnt look modern it is a real treasure trove. i will dig deeper later. for now may peace be with you



From: abhishek
Sent: 05 October 2008 16:57
To: mark
Subject: Re: Abhishek C Free Lesson Request -reply

Dear Mark,

I ve run out of words to describe your effort in teaching so many individuals...

so let me keep it down to a simple Thank You.. And i will be updating you time to time.

Thank you so much..

With Regards and Best Wishes,




From: Andrew (2nd time PGT Student)
Sent: 29 September 2008 22:02
To: mark
Subject: Re: Andrew B Pgt2 #12/12


 Thanks once again, I've enjoyed learning those songs or at least attempting to learn them and would like to sign up for another 12 lessons.  I do feel I've progressed since starting your lessons and I always look forward to getting your e-mails so if you send me an invoice I'll pay accordingly and look forward to receiving some more songs.


From: abhishek
Sent: 22 September 2008 04:46
Subject: Re: Abhishek C Free Lesson Request -

 Dear Mark,

Thank you for response... you are doing a wonderful job teaching people all over the world.. i will get back to you with my progress..

 with thanks and regards,





From: derek (PGT Student)
Sent: 31 August 2008 11:03
To: mark
Subject:  Derek W ;PGT #3/4reply

Hello Mark,

Please could you send me lesson 4 when you are ready.

Since I started back in June, I have improved tremendously, entirely down to you and your method of teaching, all those phrases such as 'playing is better than practice' and just ' plonking your fingers down' are all true.

I look forward to continuing with another PGT after my next lesson, if that is ok with you.

Many thanks,



From: rawinder
Sent: 14 August 2008 06:15
To: mark
Subject: RE: hi

hi mark thanks for replay   ...
ok no matter that you dont know hindi songs ....
but your site help a lot me in guitar  specially in strumming where i feel..
it feels to me while using the site that i am interacting to a personal teacher coz i am getting all the things  that i want.. i dont know how to say thanks for this ...
i willl recommand your site to all my frinds ....


From: Shamun
Sent: 04 August 2008 23:42
To: mark
Subject: Re: Shamun: Free Lesson Request -


I cannot express my feelings with these few sentences but it really

was great to have all the lessons.Once again thanks for the strumming

patterns and others lessons.

I really like your ways of teaching.It is really very easy to

understand.You are just simply superb, mindblowing..........

From: rhona
Sent: 03 August 2008 20:37
To: mark
Subject: RE: Rhona 2: Free Lesson Request -


Hi Mark,
Thank you so much for your reply!
I've been spending my free time over the last few weeks going over the things you sent me and they've been a BIG BIG help to me 
so thanks very much for taking the time to do that, it's hugely appreciated!
I'm finding what your doing really interesting and your teaching methods to be very beneficial!
Thanks for doing what you do Mark!!
All the best


From: Cyndi
Sent: 12 July 2008 21:07
To: mark
Subject: Love your site!

This is the most helpful tool that I have found for strumming and timing, and I have been fighting it for years.  Thank you.



-----Original Message-----
From: Shane
Sent: 11 July 2008 11:08
To: mark
Subject: guitar lessons


thank you for sending me your free guitar lessons i have learnt i lot from you

you are the best on the internet by far i just wish i lived close to you for

some lesons sorry i never got back to you early  but i had to get a new

computer and it took me 3 weeks to sort it out all trhe best from shane.


From: Neil
Sent: 30 June 2008 22:22
To: guitarlessons
Subject: Thanks for the Mp3s


I would just like to say a massive thankyou for all the strumming patterns on your site.

 I am professional double bass player who is bumbling around on a guitar at the mo. I can read music and I can work out clever chords, but if am going to get anywhere, I need spend a good few evenings playing through normal chords and get the strumming solid and reliable.

 Your examples were exactly what I needed! Fantastic! Thankyou so much!

Many, many thanks again



From: Kristopher
Sent: 22 June 2008 21:17
To: mark
Subject: Song Request




I'm just a beginner with the guitar, and I know I'm not going to have enough

time to get great with it, but your site has been absolutely the best tool I've

found yet in getting me going with some songs.  I've picked up quite a few of

them rather quickly, and its great fun to be able to sit around with friends

and just strum along and be able to make some music that doesn't sound like

fingernails down the chalkboard.  Having a chord chart right there on the song

page, and not only written instructions for strumming patters but media files

also so we can really hear the songs come together is awesome, so far its the

only thing thats kept me playing, else I would have gotten frustrated and hung

it up.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help your site has been



From: laura p
Sent: 17 June 2008 09:27
To: mark
Subject: Heey! That site is the best i've ever saw!!!

 Thanks sooo much for posting all the strumming patterns and ...everything.!I was kind of confused about strumming patterns and i couldnt reall play too many songs. But now...the stuff i found here... it all helped me improve my playing. All the videos and mp3 are great! Keep up the good work! ;)

Thank you so much for everything,
Laura. ;)



From: Wheeler
Sent: 11 June 2008 19:23
To: mark
Subject: RE: Wheeler H Free Lesson Request

great instruction

you should know that "the drugs don't work" never sounded better on my guitar

thanks a million


From: Rachel
Sent: 02 May 2008 18:24
To: mark
Subject: Re: Rachel; Free Lesson Request

Thanks for the links and mp3 files they are really helping me understand how to play I was getting a bit confussed with the book I bought and you have helped me understand alot better :-).Rachel


From: Bradley
Sent: 18 April 2008 21:35
To: mark
Subject: Brad B Free Lesson Request -

 hey Mark, you are really great man. i love your videos they help so much they way you explain things is ten times better than any guitar lesson ive ever had. i really appriciate you doing this. your great man thanks so much.                         -brad


-----Original Message-----
From: Garrett
Sent: 18 April 2008 10:35
To: mark
Subject: Re: Garrett: Free Lesson Request -


The lesson you sent was AWESOME.  I'll practice this for the next couple of weeks and most likely sign up for the pgt.  Thanks so much!



From: Charlie
Sent: 15 April 2008 11:13
To: mark
Subject: website

 this site is really useful, thanks alot, i have learnt 5 new songs!!


From: Schyrima
Sent: 31 March 2008 15:16
To: mark
Subject: RE: Scud: Free Lesson Requestreply

hi Mark!
Just want to thank you for your kind advice and appreciate the work you are doing. Big respect for you!


From: frankie
Sent: 10 March 2008 19:22
To: mark
Subject: RE: FrankieK Free Lesson Request -

 To Mark

Thanks for the free lesson I'm practicing the three songs as often as i can and although i'm far from being able to play them i have noticed a great improvement in my playing and i'm sure with more practice i will be able to get them right.  I find your way of teaching very easy to follow and understand and it has helped me a lot .  thanks again for the lesson



From: Amy
Sent: 04 March 2008 22:07
To: mark

Hi mark,

I would like to thank you for helping me with starting guitar, I feel like I havent made it clear that I appricate all that you've done for me,

even though to you it may not seem like alot.

If its okey with you I will e-mail you any questions I have.

Thanks again!



From: Michael
Sent: 22 February 2008 17:10
To: mark
Subject: Re: Mike B4: Free Lesson Request -



This is great!! Actually the lesson request is for my son. You may remember me from several years ago in your early days of the website. I can honestly say that after trying lessons in person from three different instructors, various websites, books, cd's I have learned the most from your sites. You get right to what people want - to play a song. The presentation style is loose and relaxed and effective. I would much rather pay you than any other form of lesson or instruction out there. Let me pass these on to my son. In the meantime, could you provide information regarding paying for the lessons, cost, method of payment, what it includes. Thanks so much!! Look forward to hearing from you.

Mike B Snr


From: Peter ( 2 time PGT student!)
Sent: 17 February 2008 05:11
To: mark
Subject: Peter C: PGT 2 #12/12extrareply3

Hi Mark

 I would like to buy another 12 lesson package. It will take me a while to get thru them but I am building a great collection of songs that I can play increasingly better which is fun and rewarding and allows to me to have some great singing sessions with my sister who has a great voice and my daughter who is a singer in a band. My daughter is a bit blown away her 59 year old Dad can play guitar and even sing. I have referred a number of people to your site and am happy to be a testimonial for you.

Your mantra of be a plonker is a great way to progress without doing boring scales etc. Just Start with �Knocking on Heaven�s Door� with it 3 repeating chords!!





-----Original Message-----
From: Michael
Sent: 14 February 2008 15:05
To: mark
Subject: Re: Michael Sm: Free Lesson Request


Thank you for the free lesson.  I have to say that I was struggling with

getting the correct feel for strumming on a lot of songs until I came to

your website.  The patterns you list with mp3 to give an example is

valuable beyond belief.  With your help I now have a better feel for

strumming and am beginning to be able to grasp it on my own.  I thank

you very much for this.


The outside(Staind) song lesson was are correct that when you

get down to the details, playing the guitar and a large number of songs

is really pretty easy.


Thanks again for your help,





From: Ryan
Sent: 06 February 2008 14:19
To: guitarlessons
Subject: Website

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your website is!!. I recently started playing the guitar and your website is by far the best learning tool I have found. I learned 22 open chords and 7 barre chords but for the life of me I couldn�t figure out strumming. Your website broke it down perfectly for me. I�ve been taking lessons from a professional and they don�t compare to your website. Keep up the great work.

 Thanks a ton, Ryan


From: kyle
Sent: 02 February 2008 01:57
To: mark
Subject: Re: Kyle T : PGT#11/12

 Hey Mark,

I am ready for my final "lesson"

This has been amazing, I don't know what I would have been trying to play without these lessons.

Thanks again.



From: matt
Sent: 30 January 2008 16:34
To: mark
Subject: Re: Matt H : Free Lesson Request -

  Hi Mark

     I have found the stuff you sent me excellent. I have been practicing it this afternoon as i am on holiday. I am a teacher overseas and just on a 3 week break. Thanks alot. I will keep practicing this stuff and get back to you soon. Once again many thanks,

  Regards, Matt


From: Anil
04 January 2008 09:43
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Anil K: Free Lesson Request

 Thank Mark for your reply,

For the wonderful job that you are doing, i will maintain complete confidentiality of your mails to me.  All I have is a guitar and passion, its the inspiration that we look for and people like you provide that.

Thanks again, and a very happy new year

 Regards,  Anil


-----Original Message-----
From: brian
Sent: 30 December 2007 15:16
Subject: ***Possible SPAM*** thank you

Thank you for put your time and effort into your site! You have made it easer to play with no bull crap!!
I have really struggled with strumming my guitar. The way you have explained it has help!!!! Thanks again,,,~Brian V


----- Original Message -----
From: whitechina
To: <mark
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 12:15 AM
Subject: Re: Dottie: Lesson Information Request2

 Hi Mark.
 You probably don't remember me. I'm just 1 of the many  millions people
 you've helped. I just want to wish you & all your loved ones a beautiful
 Christmas & a kick ass New Year.   *s*
 And thank you.


-----Original Message-----
From: Raj_
Sent: 19 December 2007 11:06
To: mark
Subject: hi

Hi there,

I stumbled upon your page quite by accident and I must say I did pick up a thing or two for the rest of my life. Great stuff made very simple for an amateur guitarist like me. Just wanted to say �thank you�!!! You Rock!!




-----Original Message-----
From: Steve
Sent: 28 November 2007 21:35
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Steve S2: Free Lesson Request

 Hi Mark. Just a quick word of thanks for the files you sent me. They are extremely helpful and will help my practising no end.  The strumming is the one problem that i seem to have had for a while but your lessons are very easy to follow and have improved my playing already.

Thanks again and i look forward to receiving more strumming patterns from you.   

Regards Steve 


-----Original Message-----
From: Jos
Sent: 28 November 2007 20:57
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Jos L; Free Lesson Request -

Hi Mark I am very grateful to you (so it was worthwhile waiting a few days!!!).
I only can enforce all the good comments you've got before!
I did learn more in a few hours with your help than many years before ( sometimes with expensive professional help).
The strumming pattern is so important, but there are few internet-sites , which comment them (and if -certainly not as clear and as well documented (with mp3 and all) as you do.
You've given me stuff to study now for a few weeks -but I certainly come back to you with some more questions!!
Again thanks a lot!
Kind Regards,


From: Claire
Sent: 09 November 2007 01:54
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Claire P; Free lesson

Wow! I am totally amazed by getting a reply from you so fast and with so much information! It's just great and i can't believe that there are ppl out there who are willing to share all their work just for free!! I've already started playing Mr. tambourine man with your tips (esp. plonking and I am pretty great at that I guess ;-) and it's lots of fun....Since it's already quite late at my place and I don't want to disturb the neighbours I will check out the rest of all you sent me by tomorow...I'll definetly come back to you, it's great work you do and THANKS A LOT I really appreciate it!!!




-----Original Message-----
From: Jong
Sent: 07 November 2007 19:33
Subject: Strumming patters


Your website is fantastic. It's one of the best that I've found on the

internet. I just have a request - could you please put the strumming pattern

for the song Shimmer by Fuel. I can't seem to get it. Thanks.


From: Brad
Sent: 17 October 2007 13:44
To: Mark
Subject: RE: Brad B: Free Lesson Request


Top banana, you've helped me out massively with the rhythms for wonderwall and cast no shadow

and I have now nearly aced don't look back in anger as well.  3 songs in 4 days!! Cheers!!


-----Original Message-----
From: karan
Sent: 17 October 2007 05:30
To: Mark
Subject: An awesome job

I have been trying to find the strumming pattern for "roobaroo" for quite a while now and found it on your website. The other patterns provided there also helped me a lot! Thanks a lot and Keep up the good work!


-----Original Message-----
From: James M
Sent: 05 October 2007 01:55
To: Mark
Subject: Feedback




I wanted to just pass you a note.  I stumbled on your site and I must 

say I am thrilled.  I started learning a couple of months ago and have 

made very slow progress.  I know many chords but have not learned a 

single song yet, which is not why I wanted to learn the guitar.  I 

practice about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  It would probably be 

more but I believe the motivation is not as high due to progress.  I 

identified one of the most difficult things about learning a song was 

the proper strum.  I can find thousands of tabs but can't figure out 

the strum pattern listening.  I went searching for info on strum 



Just being on your site for the last day I have had more fun and am re-

energized!  I look forward going through everything.  I am positive I 

will sign up for lessons in the near future.


From: Pierre
Sent: 22 September 2007 21:12
To: Mark
Subject: Free Lesson Request

Thank you for your web site, i learn more in two weeks than a year with a teacher???

 I think is because you have the right way to teach.  Bravo


From: Brett
Sent: 03
September 2007 17:40
To: Mark
Subject: Re: PGT Brett E: #4/12


Sorry you've encountered such an issue with your hosting company.

I'm glad you've figured out an alternative.  Thanks for the update.

I continue to enjoy the benefits of being a PGT student.  I can't believe how much I've learned to play since starting with you.

IT'S BEEN AWESOME!!  Even my family can't believe it.

Many thanks!



From: Steven
Sent: 29 August 2007 18:00
To: Mark
Subject: RE: Steve H : Lesson Information Request


Your lessons are inspiring - - I have searched the internet for years and found few, if any,  who can detail (by voice only) how a song should be played - over the past year - you've provided me with 4 "free" lessons and all have been easy to understand and learn - Personally, I believe the key to the ease of learning your songs is the detailed strum patterns you provide, so if I have learned nothing else from you -  it's that a 4 chord song (and lets face it there are thousands of them out there) -  can sound so different by switching the strum pattern and the chords around - I thought you (and all you internet guitar lesson seeking students)  might like to know that

Steve - from Minnesota  


From: Gene
Sent: 21 August 2007 07:32
To: Mark
Subject: thanks for the strumming pattern pages

 The simplest and the best page about strumming out there.  You are a champ


from Kirill 4/6/07

You are awesome!

 I stumbled on to your site by accident looking for proper �Wonderwall� strumming. In fact I have been trying to learn that song for 3 years, but I would just give up and put away my guitar along with my enormous collection of tabs that never made any sense. Now its 2 am, my fingers are sore and I can�t stop playing.


Thank You!  



From Andre 22/5/07

dear mark

thanks for taking the effort to send me those songs to learn, you have given

me a new enthusiasm to my guitar playing, was getting abit stagnant playing

the same old songs and wasnt sure where to go from there.very much enjoyed

your lessons and am slowly 'plonking' my way through them. once again

thank you for your prompt reply.

                    kindest regards andre


From Paul C 21/5/07

Hi mark

 just wanted to say a massive thank you for the info you sent me, within one hour I was playing a whole song (to a half decent standard) in the two months i have been having lessons I have barely been able to string two chords together your methods make it all so simple and enjoyable I was starting to loose hope that I was capable of actually playing the thing until I found your site.


From Ben 19/4/07

Your teaching method is very condusive to quick learning,

I've learned more in the last few weeks using your site than I did in a year when I first tried playing, you've brought the fun back!


From Graham 28/3/07

Hi Mark

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you � your website is EXCELLENT and has taught me more in the last week since I found it than any other site or tutor I have used in the 18 months since I started trying to learn.  

I had almost given up (bored with playing 2 songs all the time) but you have given me a hell of a lot to go at and make it all seem so bloody easy that I have learnt a couple more songs in one week.  

More importantly to me, you have explained and simplified �Bar chords�. I always thought you had to have ALL strings pressed down fully � DOH � wondered why it never worked for me

Once again thanks VERY much indeed and keep up the excellent work


from Steve 2/3/07

Anyway, I�ve progressed more in a couple of months playing around on your site that I have in a year otherwise. It�s easy and enjoyable to sit around an practice when you are playing a song you like rather than scales or Mary Had a Little Lamb! I don�t care anything about her stupid lamb!


From Wes 12/2/2007

 Mark (I presume),

Just wanted to write a quick note to say how helpful the strumming section of your website is. This is an area of trouble for me and written strum patterns are not so helpful; however, your section with mp3 assistance is great and easy to use!

Keep up the good work, 



From Chong Cy 23/12/06

Thanks a lot Mark, your style of teaching is great, straight to the point and easy to pick up and practice. More than what I can ask for and better than what I learn from a guitar tutor in a 30 minutes class.

Thanks a bunch!

Sincerely, Cy


From Khumiso 6/12/06


Hi Mark

Thank you very much for the song it's one of my favorites. Your teaching method is really enjoyable and the best out of what i have come across on so far. I would like to learn some few other songs from you after mastering this one. If you have a DVD or CD of your lessons please give me the details of where i can purchase it. I have never had a teacher to teach me how to play but felt a had teacher in front of me with your lesson.



From Nick 14/11/06

wow just amazing.. i would have to say thanks for the quick reply back.. mostly the other sites take time to reply back.. so thanks and thank for the wonderful website that you have put together.. and also thanks for those lessens you put together for me. i love it, you make playing guitar fun and understandable.. do you have a DVD or anything like that i would order one and I'm sure 100's of other people would to.. just by looking at your site you can learn so much just by reading listening and of course my fav. watching how its down.. the MP3 are a very nice touch.. and i would like to just say one more thing here only after a few hours of trying this site out on the free stuff you will be very pleased and you will be able to play a song or 2 at the very least.. your a major help in my learning, your teaching is so understandable.. im self teaching myself and i would have to say my fear was strumming i could never do it before.. after checking out this site i go so hooked i wanted to learn and keep playing the guitar.. THANKS!!! AGAIN.. your a big help.. to us new people learning guitar.. i think i may join up.. but want to play around a bit more..


From Ahmed 13/11/06

i would just like to thank you for your help. and taking the time to write to me.

thank you



From Cam 30/10/06

Hi. My name is Cameron and I am from Calgary, AB, Canada. I have to say that I have been trying to learn the guitar for about 3 weeks now and have searched countless sites but I have just found yours, and by far, it has been the best site ever!! You make it so easy to learn so many songs and strumming techniques. I cant say how happy I am that I found you. I broke my back a couple of months ago, so I had alot of time on my hands and I've always wanted to learn the guitar, and now I can thanks to you. Just wanted to send a note saying thanks. Your making my dream come true

.Cheers!| Cam.


From Chris 27/10/06

Been learning for almost 2 years, sometimes feel like I am getting nowhere!

It is the strumming patterns I find hardest. This is the best site I have found that has helped me, in fact the only one!



from Jordan 23/10/06

hey, thanks heaps for the lessons you make them so easy to understand and

learn etc... thanks again, Jordan


 From Laffyette 17/10/06


heys..guess what...i can play 3 songs!! haha

and its been about 4 weeks since i started 2 play the guitar

couldnt hav done it wif out u..tnx

yea...dats bout it..tnx alot..



from Lauren P 25/9/06


You know when your browsing the web looking up websites where you hope

they have the information that you're looking for, but drop the ball and

you must continue your endless search. Well look no further, atleast for

the guitar :) Marks website is one of if not THE BEST guitar website on

the net. If you want to learn how to play the guitar and cool songs in a

short amount of time, this is the place to be and nowhere else. By

chance I found Marks site browsing a guitar message board I found and

boy was I in luck. I checked it out and was overjoyed. And plus 2 free

lessons?? You absolutely cannot go wrong with that. I have learned

"Crash into me" and "Everlong" songs I really really wanted to play on

the guitar, and now I can play them jus about with my eyes closed ;) All

thanks to Mark. Lookin for an excellent website and even better teacher

to get you started on playin the guitar, please look no further, you

have found ur new home :)



from John Q 21/9/06

Hi Mark,  

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Of all the guitar sites and

books I have browsed since taking up the guitar, yours is by far the

best I have used. It has really has given me the enthusiasm to continue playing.


From Charlotte 20/9/06

I've enjoyed every song you've learnt me!!
I've learned a lot about strumming during these lessons, something other teachers doesn't find that important, and it changed my guitar playing a lot.
The way you explain things makes it all so much easier and it keeps you motivated.
You were really the best guitar tutor I've ever had.





From Mike   26/6/06

 I got your free lessons they have helped so much, not complicated like other  stuff . Sounds corney but they are the best. Will be contacting you once ive got  through the first lessons. Keep on rockin in the free world   Mike




From Ben   8/6/06 PGT Student "PGT"

PGT2 #12 was a lot of fun. I enjoyed ths songs you sent me to learn. I must say that my ability to play the guitar has increased greatly! I have been with you for a year now and what a year it has been. I started out not even able to play a chord and now I am strumming complete songs with the correct rhythm and tempo, all because of you. I think that your teaching method is great and gives great results. When I was 10 yrs old I took guitar lessons for over a year and never learned a chord, just single strings and some scales. Never learned a song! I found it boring and frustrating and gave it up. It was not fun. Almost 40 years later I come across your website and my life has changed. I always loved the guitar and wanted to play it but my mind kept going back to that first BAD experience with guitar lessons whenever I thought about learning to play the guitar again. All that changed when I read about your teaching method at your website. It made perfect sense. I did not want to learn about music theory and scales, I just wanted to play the guitar. I decided to take a chance and I am glad I did. The results I have had with you has been stunning. Family and friends are shocked when I start to play and they say "that sounds good, almost like the original song". We must be doing something right together. My only regret Mark, is that we did not meet 40 years earlier.I would like to continue on. I think I still have much to learn from you. There are a lot of songs left on the list that I would like to learn. Please send me the link for payment and lets get started on PGT3. Once again thank you Mark for everything. Lets continue on, I can't wait for my next 12 PGT.

 regards, Ben



From Omar 3/06/06


 I found this page that said all the mails that people

sent you on how they like the site, and, heck, since

you helped me, I guess I should post something there as well!


And here's the message:


Dear Mark,


Thanks a ton for the guitar lesson. Most people

probably won't waste their time making a guitar lesson

for some random person over the internet, but you did,

and I'm very proud that you're like that. I also like

how you put MP3 clips of yourself playing the song,

which is very helpful. I can actually pick up my

guitar and play something on it because of you. I just

don't know how to repay you though!


Thanks again ;) Omar




from Jeff


I thank you for replying and sending me the guitar lessons. So far I have

learned to play 4 songs in your website in a span of 5 days. If you write a

book, which includes Cds of your lessons, I think you'll be a millionnaire,

cause I'll definitely buy it and I know most music lovers will. I bought

several guitar books and they're nothing compare to your websites. Thanks


Sincerely, Jeff



From Simon  20/05/6 PGT Student "PGT"

I look forward to lesson 6, and again I wish to thank you as my playing has improved so much since finding your website.

 Even my tutor has commented that your site is fantastic for a beginner/intermediate guitarist.

Your approach to rhythm and strum patterns has helped me immensely.



from Ragge 11/4/06

I�m a beginner and you should now one thing. I found your side yesterday and have learn more the past day than 1 year before. Your instruktion in strumming is perfect. Good Luck and thank you. Ragge


From Jerry 2/4/06


I wanted to leave a Testimonial for you to post if you could.  Your website is one of the best for aspiring guitarists like me.   I received my acoustic guitar for my birthday last year in March and I have not put it down since.   Your sight has helped me tremendously!!!  Especially the Video and Audio lessons with the strumming and rhythm. I can read TABS but they never hardly tell you the strumming pattern.  Keep up the great work!!!  A little quote by Jimi Hendrix -"I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes." lol.

  Thank You Again Jerry



From Bob 15/3/06

thank you very much mark you've really helped me improve my playing ability

i will be really thinking about signing up for more of you're lessons you've

been a great help and i have recommended you to a lot of people. thanx again .



From Rex 15/3/06

I just wanted to thank you for your web site I'm new at playing and

have been taking lesson for about 6 months and your site has showed me

more in two day than the lessons have. Thank you Rex


From Jason 24/2/06

I use all the advice I get. Saw your site and said that has to be one of the best teachers I have ever seen. You need to come out and make dvds. You're good and easy to understand (Teaching). Sometimes both together are hard to find. Anyway I am really rambeling on so a sincere thank you



From Tomo 20/2/06 (who doesn't use "Unnecessary" letters!)

hi mark its tomo here jst 2 say thanks 4 th freebs;;; my my dont you make easy wrk out of all th

mumble jumble thy call tabs n stuff. haha, ive only had my guitar fay xmas so absolute beginner

way it..ive been reading books n on th net to get stuff but its all cr@p !!!!in haf a hour with you a can play oasis thats fu@kn awsome dude so all have to save and get way th program with you ...

so THANKS again dude.......if you wnt 2 send me any more free stuff dude jst go for it al not mind atall old boy..... well til a sign up for lessons dude take care and thanks again..........TOMO....


From Vince  15/2/06 PGT Student "PGT"


Thanks M8...  I will have this down shortly.  Also I

am recommending your site to people.  As I said I have

been taking lessons for a year and I wish my

instructor had your insight to getting people moving forward.


From Saif 31/06

I have been playing guitar for over 1.5 years and i know the basic strumming.Up to
now rhythm has always been my downfall.Your site is brilliant it explained things so simply and I understand it.The quality of the sound from the strumming exercise were top class and it is really wonderful the way you explain how to play the strumming pattern.It is extremely helpful to me.
Now i can play Wonderful tonight,Sweet child o' mine and my favourite song Metallica's Nothing else matters.


from Yatisha 25/1/06

Hi Mark

 Just to let you know that you�re site is fantastic, I�ve been playing guitar now for about 9 years � 5 of which I had lessons, then I stopped. Over the past 4 years I�ve been playing but had so much struggle with strumming patterns�then your site came along..GENIUS! absolutely 100% brilliant, which is accentuated by the video demos that you give, its very good to be able to see it.

I also think it�s a great site for beginners too, something that you don�t get from those �learn guitar in 40 days� books.

So, please keep up the work, and keep adding more songs! Ha


From Scott 21/1/06

Great site.  Finally, somebody who says strumming is

the most important!  I've always believed this but no

one could ever teach me but one or two strum patterns.

 I've used your site over the last week to improve my

playing 100 percent.  I've played Wanted Dead or Alive

at least 50 times in the last week and got tons of

confidence.  I'm a teacher and all my students want to

know where I learned that song. 


From Jon 17/1/06

Hi Mark,

You are a STAR.... if anyone disbelieves this site gives what it claims,

all newbies like me  just try the free stuff.

I have been playing for only 6 months and learned very little. In 3

hours having looked at Marks free sample he sent me of Wonderwall, I can

now play it so it sounds like the real deal, and not a dead cat

screaming. YES FOLKS 3 Hours... it doesnt get any easier than this, oh

and did I say I havent paid a penny yet.

You should all try you will all be back for more I am sure...


The above is for your site if you care to use it and I mean it every

word, I am amazed..........


Thanks again, I would like to add for your benefit that the video lesson

makes so much of a difference to the mp3's.. To be able to see and copy

is outstanding, I am sure that after I have learned a few then mp3's

will suffice but for newbies like me the video's are a must..


Thanks again and keep up the good work, cant help thinking I will now

thanks to you always be a guitar player rather than a passing fad..




From Andy 16/1/06

Thanks mark for the email you sent !

 I've looked at other sites regarding lessons for beginner guitarists like myself and NOTHING comes close to the help and support you supply through your site .

I've amazed myself by how quickly I'm picking things up just after a few weeks!

once again mark, thanks i couldn't have started without you! I'll be a regular visitor I promise!!


From Dule 16/1/06

I play guitar 3 years and I know basic strumming paterns, I know all open chords, with

bare I have problems. I play simple songs like Lady in black, Runaway

train, from you I learned Living next door to Alice, Nothing else

matters, Time of your life, Wonderwall, Leaving on a jet plane. In last

month on your web sides I learned more than before in few years.

I think that is really amazing way for learning guitar.


From Ben 15/1/06 PGT Student "PGT"

Hi Mark,

I really enjoyed the PUSH lesson. I really like the way you did both guitar

versions of the song. It has been a lot of fun learning the MatchBox 20

songs. My F chord is improving greatly. I have noticed that I have a lot

less tension in my hands. My chord changes are getting very smooth. You have

helped me greatly in my playing ability. I am ready to move on.




from Jon 15/1/06

Hello!  Just wanted to drop a word of thanks for the web site.

  I�ve struggled learning strumming for quite some time and the recordings are an amazing help.  You rock!  Thanks!

In Him,



From Mark 3/1/06

G,Day Mate

I just wanted to say that your web site has been a great help to me , i have been learning the guitar for 2 months now and one of the biggest problems i encountered was strumming patterns, "however" after listening to your demo's i have a much better understanding and it has helped me a lot Just wanted to say thanks for this great site and the time and effort you have put in to it

Mark From Brisbane Australia


From Chris 28/11/05

Hey Mark just a quick line to say thank you for the Nirvana songs, they are much more to my level than Mother.

Hope to hook up with after Christmas as a proper student. Thanks for getting me playing. Chris


From Joe 8/11/05

I am one who loves music and has always wished to learn to play the guitar. Now at the age of 30 I am finally learning to play and actually picking it up pretty good.  I am teaching myself through sites on the internet.
I have found your site to be the most successful so far.  I have learned so much just from the free demos, mp3 and videos.  I find it so much easier to understand watching it being played.
I am considering signing up for the Personal Guitar Tuition as mentioned on the site.  I would like to play around a little bit more with the stuff available on the site right now, before signing up.
I just wanted to say great job and thank you.


From Chris 2/11/05

I just wanted to thank you for the lessons,I haven't put the guitar down for 6 hours,youre amazing,never thought I would play anything until now. Thankyou.. Chris


From Shankha 26/9/05

  Sorry for the late reply. First of all i want to thank you for the wonderful mail. I followed your instructions, went through the stuffs as mentioned by you and I have to say that they are really really helpful. The way you designed the whole thing is excellent and I really found no difficulty in follwoing the lessons. I am now pretty comfortable in strumming after going through the lessons.  Thank you once again for spending your valuavle time to teach beginners like me. I will drop you a line or two whenever I need your help(of course if you dont mind!!).            bye Shankha


from Sarah 7/09/05

I'm a 16 year old girl who has just picked up the guitar, and I just want to thank you for creating such a beginner friendly guitar website, it has helped me tremendously in my 'quest'. I only recently came across your website and truth be told, I could not believe my eyes! I actually managed to learn songs from watching your videos when previously I was struggling with them just staring at tabs. I have been scouring the net for a website with as much help provided to beginners such as yours, so thanks a million for taking so much time to help others =).



From Kurt 28/8/05

Hey Hotdog, Absolutely love the site!!! Definately one of the most useful site I've come across as a begginer. You provide clear, simple instructions - I've learnt heaps from the mp3 demos you've got on the site.

Anyway, thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Once again - great site!!


From Krystal 25/8/05

hey mark thanks alot for tht it helped me out lots

ur websites really awsom ive looked everywhere to try and find sumthing tht

will help me out with the strumming! thanks alot



from Paul 1/8/05 PGT Student "PGT"

well done mate that arrangement is brilliant

 you wouldnt believe how many browny points youve got me with the wife

ill be getting the electric and fuzz box out next ha ha

                     cheers scully


From Gio  30/7/05

Hello Mark,

All I have to say is wow! Thank you so much.

 It sounds great. It sounds a little dufficult to play

 but with some practice I'm sure I can get around to it.

 Thank you for taking the time

 to actually go through this song and setting it up for are the greatest!!! I'll get right on it and I'll  let you know how things come along. Thanks again Mark!!!



From Gio

I accidentally ran into your site...and I have to tell you that this is the most informative and easiest site to learn from. Awesome job!!!


From Raja

Hi Sir

I'm very greatful that You honestly helped me in playing hotel

calfornia.Playing well....little bit hard but i will improve it in no time

so thanks for you help.I hope You will be helping me in near future.




from Colby

 I am from Canada. I must say that your site is great and it is really refreshing to see a website that has some instruction on strumming patterns. When I first saw the strumming patterns, I said to myself "how can that be?" but the audio examples that you included really showed how it was done. Excellent work. I have recommended your site on many message boards including Acoustic Guitar Magazine and GuitarNoise because what you have put together is really helpful for struggling beginners and intermediates. Thanks again.


From Karen

I think you have a great site.  I went to lots of guitar learning sites and nothing compares to this .. the videos and sound files are great.  want to thank you again



From Vimal

This site is really ..really speachless to praise.The guitar strumming patterns are as gold to students like me who are like lost in desert as far as how to learn those is concerned.

The mp3 sounds great and it is really wonderful the way you explain that pattern and play that pattern and with chords example.

I wish i see this site 5 years back which would have made a big difference in the way i play guitar today.

Hats off to your service.

with regards

vimal from Germany


from Ciego

. i stumbled upon your site a few hours ago and it gave me the sudden urge to study my guitar lessons more..i stopped a few weeks ago coz i lost interest.. thanks to you, i dont want to stop learning.. :) i think its the best guitar site.. i've been looking for a site such as yours but could not find any.. it's simply the best... more power to you! 


From Segun

Hello Mark,

I really want to say a very big thank you to you . I mean this site is

awesome, I have only checked the strumming part, but already I have learnt

something that I have been looking for ages on other sites, I have spent

like two hours already on this site, but it amazing that you have done a

great job like this just to help others at no cost. The quality of the sound

from the strumming exercise were top class. Thanks for your effort, I hope

you will get a big reward from someone who has the means. Well done.

Your site is Excellent



From Derek or it could be Nick!

Hi Mark,

I'd like to thank you for setting up your site which has been very helpful indeed.

 To be honest I wished I'd found it before as I've developed some seriousrhythm problems

(a teacher failed to emphasize the

true importance of keeping the right hand steady)

It's going to be very hard to sort out now but I am

confident I am on the right track now.

Once again thank you.

Ps feel free to add my above message to your TESTIMONIALS.


From Ross

hi , i just wanted to say that your site has taught me more in 10 minutes than any of the big sites has in 8 days of playing !

thanks alot and if i could afford tution you would be 1st on my list .



From Tony  PGT Student "PGT"

I have got to the point where your stuff has become more valuable that my irregular guitar lessons.   It is great to have reference material when you forget how to play certain bits etc.   I think your service is really very cheap for what it offers. on the whole a big thumbs up. Kind regards, Tony


From Mack PGT Student "PGT"

I got the songs downloaded ok. I can now play nonstop for about 2 hours, songs I've learned in the past couple of months. Mostly thanks to you. Now if you could just teach me how to sing!!!   Thanks,


From Barry PGT Student "PGT"

Hi Mark,   Just wanted to say thank you for the last few months. When I look back I can certainly see the difference in my playing. It's good to pick up the guitar and feel like it fits instead of it being an awkward plank of wood. Also now recognising strumming patterns in songs I hear.   Now it's just a matter of practice. Best regards and many thanks Barry


From Troy PGT Student "PGT"

I would like to say thank you for all you have done for me. I really have seen dramatic improvement in my playing ability since the beginning of your lessons. What you have going on is a great thing for people who need that extra boost to get them to the next step of playing. I am sure that I will getting back in touch with you in the future for some more great lessons once I have conquer these ones. Thanks A Bunch, Troy


From Eddie

Fantastic advice,i'll get straight to work using it.I cant praise your website highly enough man keep up the good work,thanks alot


From Jim

Mark,   I would like to thank you for your great web site. So far its the best for me as a beginner. Ive learned more from your site in a week than all other sites on the web in 6months.great demo songs to .I'll send you a follow up email after reviewing your email  and links.   Thanks for helping us new-bees, keep up the great work.


From Jersey Stu on the PGT "PGT"

hiya mark

Just to let you know i've mastered the two oasis songs you sent me (cast
no shadow and some might say) all quite easy stuff realy isnt it.
 My barre chords are coming along a treat.
Im realy impressed with how the lessons are going so far mate TOP class
looking forward to the next lesson
cheers stu



From Reem

I would just like to take the time to tell you what you are doing/done is amazing!

it gives unfortunate people the oppurtunity to learn guitar although they do not have any money! Thanks again.

From Stu (PGT Student)"PGT"

hiya mark
Ive just got to say wow!!

Ive just been playing the foo fighters, learn to fly and how good does that
sound on my acoustic, cheers mate. cant wait till the next lesson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Nehdia

Thanks a whole bunch for a fantastic, fantastic site. I'm from Pakistan,
by the way, and just
started teaching myself about a year ago...and have learned much more from
your site in a few weeks than I have achieved in a year.
 Take care. Looking forward to hearing from you.
 Best regards,

From Kevin

Hi Mark, just wanted to say what a great site you have.

 I started playing a year ago to encourage my 14teen year old to keep with his instrument if dad can he can

 you have put a new fire in my willingness to learn thanks again for your commitment Kevin


From Clive


I have been playing guitar for over 2 years and am
really determined to master the art of playing. I also
sing and enjoy doing both together. Up to now rhythm
has always been my downfall. Your site is brill, It
explained things so simply and I understand it. Im not
the easiest person in the world to teach and anything
I have learned when it comes to guitar playing I have
found from the web, and watching musicans in pubs etc

Thank you for your site!!!  Where are you from?

Kind Regards,


From Doug

Thank you Mark for all your help. You have the best website i've ever see on the guitar.

Thank you!    Doug Backer, Oriskany Falls New York


From Michelle

Mark, First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the lessons you have provided on your website, in particular the strumming audio files, which are brilliant!  I have learnt more in a few hours at your website than I did with private lessons (when I was in school many moons ago:).  I have looked at many other lessons on the web and yours are far and away the best!  You are an incredibly generous man to pu all this together for people like me that you don't even know.

Cheers and thanks again!

Western Australia


From Gary on the "PGT"

thanks for the music (great stuff).I would like to learn more beatles any thing from please please me, bowie, james,smiths,george harrison my sweet lord,nothing too complex though, I am only five months into the journey.thank you for your efforts                 Gary     


From Dave

Just like to thank you for setting up the beginner stuff. Im very much a day
1 beginner in may respects and your page and files have been excellent. I
have an acoustic and sat playing the D/Cadd9/Gadd5 progression for hours and
when you do get it right and smooth its a great boost. Getting the upstrums
sounding right was one of my problems but think im getting it now, was'nt
sure whether to strum all the strings on the upstroke or not. All i need now
is to try play a song and get it sounding good.




From Mike on the "PGT"

Mark, Mark Mark
I have just gone through the files you sent and I have to say that this is the most exciting thing that I have ever heard.
No exaggeration.

They are absolutely superb. This is going to keep me busy.
Is there a strumming file as well?
Why dont you bang a file down that has you playing the whole song with you singing, im no beefer but you have got a cracking voice.
I think this will compliment the files.
I cant believe my luck finding you.


from Aron

Hi Mark,
           thanks a million for the strumming info on "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" it's sounds great already! i couldn't however find it on your strumming page but i'll look back tomorrow in case my server has not found the update yet or something similar. I can't believe your giving this info away free of charge, it's like having your own guitar guru on hand 24-7 i'm amazed by your generosity and willing to help us struggling guitarists become better, i dock my cap to kind sir your a gent and no mistaken' LOL

from James

G'day mate,

Just started playing 3 weeks ago and I am getting the hang of good riddance thanks to your help on the strumming!


from Gary

I have used some of your demos... Best I have found on the net.

from Grant

Hi my names grant and ive been searching on the internet for the past couple weeks websites that will help me get started playing guitar.  All of the websites are great with giving you advice and chords and stuff thats informational to people who can play the guitar.  However, your website is the first that i have come by that actually shows how to play songs in a easilly retainable fashion for all ages and in addition allows begginners a sense of accomplishment due to the fact that we can see results and not just play random chords or even chords to a song but without a sense or even an idea of how to stum them or keep a rythem. Your website allows us to do this.  I just want to share my feelings towards your website and wish you the best of luck in the future and am looking forward to additions to your website - whatever they may be.  Just again I want to thank you for allowing me to get an idea of how to play the guitar realisticlly. And because of your website i am now able to play other songs and even make my own up just from some of the techniques you have on your website. Thanks - grant


from TONY

I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you that your website is one of the best for aspiring guitarists.  I just received am acoustic guitar for my birthday in late July and I have not put it down since.  Your sight has helped me tremedously especially the RealAudio portions in the strumming lessons.  Any way keep up the great work(fun) and be aware that for every one person like me who responds,  there are at least another 100 who haven't.  But I'm sure they appreciate it!!!!

In the near future I'm sure I will be requesting a song or to, but for now Thanks!!!

Regards, Tony, Oregon USA


from CORY

I have been trying to teach myself for about a month now. I have the basic chords down pretty good, the thing that I am having the most trouble with is strumming patterns. I have been trying to learn all the songs that you have givin the strumming patters to already, it has helped a lot already (THANKS!) I haven't found a site out there that has helped as much as this one, and it is nice of you because I can't afford private lessons so thanks. Sweet home Alabama and Good riddenece were the first two songs I ever tried to learn. I did not  have the strumming down though, and I am proud to say I can play both songs
really good just in the 24 hours you have sent the strumming patterns to me.

Once again, Great site and thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from Al

I just found your website and it is fabulous. I've wanted to play guitar ever since I was a kid.

Last year I bought a Fender Strat and took a few Lessons.

You might be interested to know that I feel like I've made more progress
practicing from your material than I did one-on-one with an instructor.

from Rogier

Hi Mark!
Thanks for your quick response...I'm looking forward to the songs.
Your site looks great and contains a lot of valuable info!! It's already
been a great help for me...

Regards, Rogier


from Heath

hey, just wanted to say thanks for the last song you sent me. it helped with my strumming


from David

I was looking through your site and found it very interesting, and
much to learn to say the least.I think it is really
cool what your doing helping shriving guitarists to learn this art as I
would like to consider it, and just the over all support you give them.
You have my respect man. But anyway, if you have any ideas of
how I might go about finding some strum patterns for these songs could
you help me? Thanks a lot man, take it easy.


from Tommy

my name is Tommy Merry from the band Tommy and The Stompers.
I was out cruising the web and came upon your site and loved it!
You have all kinds of great stuff on your pages for guitarists starting
out and beyond
and I spent a lot of time checking it all out, I'll add it to my hotlist
and make sure to share it with my friends. Nice Job!!

Thanks again for a great guitar site. Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon =)
Tommy Merry
Tommy and The Stompers
Heavy instrumental guitar rock


from Bryan

I just wana say youre a very nice person, seting up a page just to help pple out...and yoursmells like teen spirit lesson was great!


from Chris J

thanks for your time i find your styl of teaching very usful and would like to recive more from you my main interest is country and sounthern rock.

again thanks for your time you are a busy man  Chris


from Denis

First at all i must thanks to you !!! You are great teacher. You have very good homepage and you are a BIG help for begginers and advancded guitar players !!! Sorry for my english there are smo mistakes in text. i hope you will understand :))


from Katia

I love your website, it helps us learn  how to play. I currently have 5 months playing guitar.

At the moment I am taking lessons with an instructor but I am learning stupid songs.

I mean I learn from them, but I would love to learn how to play songs I like.
I'm learning lead, I know hammer ons, pull-offs, vibrato, bends.  Thanks for taking the time to do this. Katia...


From Ken

Hello Mark.

Just to say thankyou for your quick response to my email and to let you know

I have learned more from you in 24 hours than all college work and private tiution in nearly a year.

the way you explain and simplfy things is brilliant I was realy begining to doubt myself and confidence was quite low and although I know I will never be a Clapton I feel I can and will achieve a satisfactory and pleasing standard in time, thanks for Nothing else matters, I have learned to play and now have to practice to improve.
Once again many thanks, your a star and an added bonus is my wife thinks your voice is sexy (can,t be bad).

Be in touch shortly and once again many thanks Ken


from Bruce

Quick mail to say thanks. Having just got a guitar and being determined to
learn how to play the damned thing I appreciate the style of this site.
I've learnt more in 2 hours on your site than I did in a week with a "teach
yourself" book!!!
Thanks again.



from Ken

Hi Mark

just to say thanks for the songs you forwarded to me having lots of fun with them.

The way in which you use to describe the chords and strumming patterns is extremely helpful to me

and like I mentioned a while ago I have learned more from you in the last couple of months than I had learned from all previous lessons You are my hero.

All the best to you and yours and happy new year

Cheers Ken


From Mindy

I just wanted to say thanks for your help.

I love your site! It has been more helpful than anything I've ever tried.

 Thanks again. I'll be a pro in no time thanks to you.