The Secrets of playing guitar, Now!


It's all to do with the Strumming!


Update January 8th 2015


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What  would you like to play today? 

Some guitarists will tell you  that it takes years to play the guitar!

(They would say that wouldn't they!)

I have taught thousands of people to play  over the last few years,

I teach people to play a song in 15 minutes!

All you need is two hands, be able to count to 6 and know the alphabet from A to G !

 I can set up a Free Guitar lesson designed for you, to play the songs you want to play now!

You won't learn to play Guitar like "Eric" or "Jimi" in 15 minutes,

 but you could be able to play "Wonderful Tonight" or "All Along the Watchtower"

Make a list of the songs you would like to play,

 Alannis to Zeppelin, Avicii to ZZ Top anything goes!

Click here for  Free Guitar lesson to get you started, or to see some demos go here!

If you do find a broken link,  please notify us (here) thank you